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Washington DC / ACT

I am lucky enough to have some great friends that as of last year recommended that I attend a couple of days in Washington DC every year. These days are hosted by ACT | The App Association Over these days, usually Sunday through Tuesday, I get to learn about some of the current technical bills that are being worked on. Last year was an amazing slap in the face as to what happens within the walls of the Capitol.

Many of us as technical fellows within the community are NOT political and for the worst part mostly congressionally uninformed. While this is bad, it's just a slight issue compared to the amount of horribly old-school, living in the 1980's thinkers that inhabit the offices of our elected officials!  This is why I hope to return year after year to attempt to educate these folks by telling our story about key technical issues. 

I'm going to use the latest scare and attempted legislation that was attempted to be passed by the DOJ.  Please read the following excerpt from the bill they wanted to pass surrounding data access and your cellular phone. (Document here)

"While the Order in the case requires Apple to provide or employ modified software, modifying an operating system - which is essentially writing software code in discrete and limited manner - is not an unreasonable burden for a company that writes software code as part of its regular business"  P12 L19-23

Notice the switch from Apple to A Company??  That opens the rule up for everyone that writes 'software code'.  That means you! Most of, if not ALL the people that read this blog!

I want to mention something before I'm chastised and yelled at about this, considering the horrific act that surrounds these requests.  I have no objection opening this phone; nor am I picking sides in this exact argument.  What I'm attempting to display is a distinct choice of wording by the of Department of Justice; within this document; to target many companies NOT JUST APPLE.  

I believe that all of us as professional software developers need to know the filings and the decisions that our government is making. I for one can tell you that in the past I didn't follow much past the elections. I can tell you that I'm following a lot of things WAY more now.

Hopefully you believe as I do, and help support your rights as a software developer and the rights of our customers to have secure/encrypted software that protects their information against the data breachers and hackers of today!