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#CodeCast Episode #2 - Wallace B. McClure

Hello everyone,

 Last night JJ and I welcomed Wally to our little Chat Room in the cloud..  I've spoken with Wally at numerous conferences, and have talked with him on quite a few occasions.  I didn't know we had many things in common, like the Commodore 64! Which was where I learned to program some 30 years ago!

 Anyway, Wally talked a bit about himself, how he learned to program, and why.. Then covered OAuth and Twitter searching with the Xamarin tool-set, showing BOTH an iPhone and an Android application. We talked a little more about the future of computing, and we had to call it a night, only getting about 1/2 of our conversation finished.  We really hope to have him back in the near future to catch up with some of his work, and to talk further!

Please find the episode and show notes here.

See you all in less than 2 weeks!

Thanks all!