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#CodeCast Episode #2 - Wallace B. McClure

Hello everyone,

 Last night JJ and I welcomed Wally to our little Chat Room in the cloud..  I've spoken with Wally at numerous conferences, and have talked with him on quite a few occasions.  I didn't know we had many things in common, like the Commodore 64! Which was where I learned to program some 30 years ago!

 Anyway, Wally talked a bit about himself, how he learned to program, and why.. Then covered OAuth and Twitter searching with the Xamarin tool-set, showing BOTH an iPhone and an Android application. We talked a little more about the future of computing, and we had to call it a night, only getting about 1/2 of our conversation finished.  We really hope to have him back in the near future to catch up with some of his work, and to talk further!

Please find the episode and show notes here.

See you all in less than 2 weeks!

Thanks all!  

#CodeCast Episode #1 - w/ Miguel Castro

We recorded our inaugural edition of the #CodeCast JJ and I were joined by Miguel Castro

Miguel covered some really cool topics, one being utilizing Lambda functions; the other was showing what he believes all DI containers should have to allow more flexibility of configuration.  Both of the functions are available online, and the links are in the show notes.  Also both are part of his courses that are available on Pluralsight.

We are SO thankful to Miguel for appearing on the show and hope to someday have him back on the show to show some more exciting things.



I just wanted to let you all know that officially today JJ Hammond and I have announced my new Video/Podcast with my friends over at StLTechTalk

We will be covering all types of development content.  We are focusing the content so that you, the listener, are able to learn new concepts, methods and patterns for use in your day to day lives.  Not to mention also attempting to have some fun banter and learn how many other developers worked their way up.

Please listen to us bi-weekly starting February 12th with Special guest Miguel Castro.