Coding Throughout Time....

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Welcome back!

Well everyone, I've not blogged in QUITE a while!!  Life has gotten in the way, and I'm hoping to start to blog more and more now.. As well as bringing back all of my posts from my old blog as time allows.

Technology in the past couple of years within the Microsoft universe has just exploded! With in introduction of Windows 8, SkyDrive OneDrive, Metro Styling Win 8 Apps, WebAPI, NuGet, etc., etc., etc. My ability to keep on top of all of the technology has gotten significantly harder. Thus making blogging something that I really have to force myself to do from here on out.

I must mention that I am typing this on my Surface Pro. I really like this machine. It's powerful, small and has 1080p resolution! Just the type of machine that I need in my life. Not to mention that it is Windows 8.1 and connects to everything that I need on a daily basis, both at work and at home.  Great job Microsoft!!  I did have an original Surface RT, however the screen hurt my eyes after looking at it for about 20 minutes.  I have worked with the new Surface 2 RT, and that screen; being 1080p; doesn't seen to bother me.  I may have to look into getting one, and working via Remote Desktop, since it's rumored to have an 8hr battery life.

Anyway, I'll try to keep posting and updating everyone with new things that I am working on, and showing some really cool stuff!